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Eight Candidates Who Made an Impact?

Please note that this article is intended to provide factual coverage of events and is NOT intended to express political opinion. Any and all opinions that may be implied do not represent the official stances of the Poudre Press, Poudre School District, or Poudre High School.

The very first Republican debate was held Wednesday, August 23 from 9-11 pm. It was said to be a very disorderly affair in the eyes of Anthony Zurcher. There were eight diverse candidates in this debate who competed against each other. These candidates traveled to Milwaukee Wisconsin to debate. It was seen as a shocker when Republican Trump wasn’t at the debate. According to some figures, the debate would have been different without the presence of Donald J. Trump however the debate still presented excitement.

The Main winner of this debate, according to Anthony Zurcher, is a man by the name of Vivek Ramaswamy, someone who has never run for public office. Ramaswamy excelled in this debate. He was seen as an outsider when compared to political

establishment associates. Ramaswamy was able to rally against the other candidates and fought them off with exceedingly well-said points. By the end of the debate.

Ramaswamy later said

“I was clearly the winner of this thing.” Ramaswamy brought up several of his beliefs and ideologies. Including Russia's succeeding territory from Ukraine. Using the American US Military in order to maintain control of the Mexican Border. No National Abortion Ban in the United States.

“The Federal Government should stay out of it.” As well as ending trade relations with China. Effectively revoking China's trade relations status. These beliefs are normally traditional republican beliefs however Ramaswamy still has a long way to go in this run for the election. Donald J. Trump is winning by 51 percent in the polls. While Ramaswamy may not have the momentum that Trump has he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Mike Pence, former vice president of Donald Trump was also one of the winners in the 2023 Republican Debate, he is one of the older politicians in the debate known for serving as a Congressman, Vice President, and Governor. Pence started off the debate by striking Ramaswamy for his inexperience in the field.

“Now is not the time for on-the-job training.” In this debate, Mike Pence's experience served him well and because of it, he was one of the winners in the debate. However, there are still many obstacles that Mike Pence is facing such as discrimination from Trump supporters so It may be tough for him to pull things back.

Niki Haley, former US ambassador to the UN was also seen as one of the more exciting candidates in this debate because she gave confident criticism of Donald Trump and The Republican party entirely. “Republicans did this to you too.” She inquired about the U.S. budget deficit and how it has been impacting the U.S.

In her time of being a politician, she has always been known for putting up a fight. She is particularly known for how well she did when she ran against other popular Republican candidates for the South Carolina Governorship. When she was faced with the topic of former President Donald Trump she voiced her opinion saying Donald Trump was “The most Disliked politician in America.”

Later he warned that the Republican party would suffer from it. She battled against Ramaswamy and Mike Pence. Arguing with Ramasamy about the continued support for Ukraine and Mike Pence's thoughts on a national abortion ban. Saying that there was a national abortion ban would be unrealistic and politically damaging.

Mid Tier

Chris Christie and Tim Scott did fairly well in this debate but they could have both done better. Christie has several big takes against Trump in the debate as well as showing some disagreement towards Ramaswamy. Later saying

“Sounds like ChatGPT.” He was shown as robust and direct in the debate. However when he began his introduction in the debate his approval rating was not in his favor. Whereas Tim Scott was more friendly during the debate and because of it he stayed in the middle ground. Most of the time he stayed out of confrontation in the most heated moments of the debate.


Some candidates were more underwhelming in the Presidential debate however the one that was the most surprising and took the most note of was Ron Desantis. Ron Desantis was expected to do very well in this debate. Because he was the second-best candidate doing well in the polls. However, he hardly took any attention this Wednesday. His input was also not given much and appeared as if the other candidates didn’t acknowledge him as often according to Anthony Zurcher.

These candidates were frustrated by the 30-second time limit between rebuttals. These two candidates also were not nearly as professional as they could have been. They were given backlash for abusing opportunities and refusing to answer certain questions.


Bio: My name is Andrew Sheneman, I am a Senior student at Poudre High School. I am involved with the Poudre Press here and it is my first year. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’m excited to contribute to the Poudre Press and take my writing a step further!

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