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Women's Rights Witheld by UN

Hostility begins to arise while the UN takes women’s rights, creating global vexation. A founding document was signed in New York, occupied by males, and only four women attended the catastrophe. “One look around this room shows not enough has changed. ‘We the people’ does not mean ‘we the men’.” Antonio Guterres said. Many clubs began movements using the momentum of the community to push for change. Change includes lack of gender equality, abortion rights, and the right to live and thrive without discrimination.

GWL an advocacy group displays statistics Women have led 33 of the most important institutions for only 12% of the time. Only a third of key multilateral organizations are headed by a woman. 13 organizations, including the four largest development banks, have never been led by a woman. Only 24% of permanent representatives to the UN are women. These statistics are from 1945 to 2023.

Women partaking in these roles would help educate and shift conversations. This change can impact a successful environment inspiring countless women to run for politics and fight for gender rights.“We cannot think of a better future of a world of peace and prosperity and human rights – the very pillars of the UN – without having 50% of the world’s population on board,” said Fernanda Espinosa. While Espinosa spoke with The Guardian she shared how the world has failed women and young girls around the world.

Change starts with you. How do you influence youth to support the community by involving all people regardless of sexual orientation, sex, gender, race, age, and financial stability? Citizens across the world protest for the rights of education, abortion, equal pay, and the lack of discrimination.

Topping, Alexandra. “Women’s Rights Held Hostage at UN, Say Former Leaders.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 2 Oct. 2023,

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