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The US Education System: Room for Growth

There are many ways that our school system in the US is amazing. We have access to a lot of technology, books, and many more resources. We have mostly adequate buildings for our schools and overall good teachers and professors. However, there are many different reasons why the school system in general is very unjust and unfair. There are many shady things that go on behind the scenes that are well hidden. Whether this means the tests we have, kids take all the way to how kids are treated in schools for being different from the rest and having their own voice.

Neurotypicality is one of the many ways children with mental illness or disabilities are overlooked by the school system. Now, this is a big word yet easily broken down. Neurotypical is basically saying that most students have brains that function similarly to one another. Teachers have the same lectures they have used for years. The material might change slightly, but the way they teach is the way that works for them. We as humans are wired to automatically believe that how we learn and what works for us might work for everyone which is simply untrue. There are millions of kids and teenagers who struggle in school because of how they’re being taught. Let's say 10 kids in a class of 20 learn well when the teacher is talking to them and lecturing them. The other 10 might learn better from hands-on material. A lot of teachers will look past one group just because this teacher think one style of learning is better for everyone. Some kids come into class after having the worst morning at home. Some kids are simply depressed. There is something going on in everyone's lives and not many teachers prioritize their students' personal feelings. The bottom line is that teachers should be looking at each student as an individual and not as a whole group all the time.

Bullying is also a very real problem in the education system. Right now, there are many fights going on regarding the basic human right to come out as gay, lesbian, transgender, and anything they identify as. LGBTQ+ is a very huge topic in our world right now and the reaction it is getting in schools. A lot of teachers who have been in the education system have been trying to force kids not to express themselves by being completely open about who they are. Students who come out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community get bullied a lot in schools as well. The way that students get treated by their peers is absolutely inhumane. They get called names, and treated differently, and they get talked about behind their backs. Even when other students are trying to be funny with their comments, they can be hurtful.


Ally Gabbert is a senior at Poudre High School and her first year at the Poudre Press. Her focus is on current events going on in our world, ranging anywhere from the school system to American beauty standards. Ally has played softball for 10 years and has also been involved with other school activities. Be sure to check out her column every other week!

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