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Rain world: The perfect game you will probably hate

Rain world Is a 2017 indie game made by video cult. In rain world you play in a post apocalyptic world, as a creature near the bottom of the food chain, called slug cat. To survive in rain world, you need to experiment, and just be curious, but that could end up getting you killed as well, the game will also just decide to kill you in unfair ways sometimes, which helps build the setting for the game amazingly. But with the game being unfair it makes it very difficult, and brutal.

Gameplay And why you would Love it

Rain worlds main gameplay loop you are first introduced to is to explore to get enough food before the rain storm which will kill you, after you hibernate you will gain Karma which at first does nothing, but by experimenting, you will quickly learn that it will open doors in the environment that takes you to a new biome, Each area has several ways through, in my 1 playthrough so far I have found less than half of the biomes. but the big think with rain world is how it got me to play like I was a cat, at the bottom of the food chain, everything new was scary, and surprising, Which caused me to either try to stay in holes underground to avoid vultures or staying as high as possible to avoid lizards. And those strategies didn't always work. Which made every encounter really scary, and tense, since everything had the tools to kill me if they felt like it.

Why you would hate it.

Rain world is brutal, there is a big consequence of dying, and the creatures are so able and willing to kill you, If you cant find enough food before the storm, dead, creature came through a pipe you were under, dead, a vulture swoops down and grabs you while you are eating bugs, well you have to restart your progress. It makes this game infuriating, But it's very intentional and is ultimately the reason the game is so good. but most people will not enjoy this game because of how it is so willing to just kill you constantly, and the only way to learn if something is dangerous, or is a bad idea, is to see if it is, and sometimes that is important to progression. All these things make the game better and are perfect additions but they make it more of an acquired taste.


Rain world Is a great game, it does what it wants to perfectly, every decision that was made for this game helps do what it is supposed to, to make you feel like an animal at the bottom of the food chain, Which makes the game frustrating, infuriating, scary, and complex. But all of those are done in a positive way, that makes the game perfect.

I give Rain world 10 slug cats out of 10

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