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Modern Tanks On Their Way To Ukrainian, What Change Will It Bring?

Ukraine war: A Ukrainian service member holds a Javelin missile system at a position on the front line in the north Kyiv region credit to (REUTERS) and (MINT)

The Invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation has raged for many months with much destruction and loss of life. The War has been ever-changing and ever-evolving as the Russian military started the invasion in late February with a numerical advantage in personnel and weapons and vehicles, however western supplies anit-vehicle weapons and supplies gave the Ukriaian military more advanced systems that were far superior to their Russian counterparts. The Ukriaian forces used the knowledge they had regarding Russian military doctrine, and they explored its weaknesses such as venerable supply lines, and the over-reliance on tanks and armored vehicles to fracture dug-in enemy positions.

The Ukrainian military in late February started off the war with modern weapons such as the US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles as well as the Nato-made NLAW anti-tank missiles and many smaller modern weapons however, the Ukrinian military lacked modern tanks and aircraft, as well as many other modern weapons systems that would allow the Ukrainian military to conduct combined arms operations. Combined arms operations are defined by the Army University Press as being "Combined arms is a military concept that calls for the combination and synchronization of tanks, infantry, artillery, engineers, aviation, and joint capabilities". The Ukrainian military has been fighting to hold territory and regain territory, and many military intelligence analysts as well as high-ranking military officials believe the key to Ukriaian winning the conflict against the Russain federation will be the use of Combined arms operations across the country.

The Ukriaian military has been receiving more and more advanced modern weapons from many different nations around the world, weapons that bring Ukriaian closer to the capability of being able to carry out combined arms operations. Key weapons that bring ukriaian closer include MLRS systems provided by France and the US, HAWK anit-air systems by Spain, as well as Armored personal carriers from Germany, and the US. The US has also pledged Patriot anit-missle systems. but the biggest step to bringing Ukriaian closer to being able to conduct combined arms operations was the recent pledge of more than 300 modern main battle tanks. The UK, US, and Germany, as well as many more actions, have pledged to supply tanks such as the infamous M1-abrams main battle tank, and the extremely efficient and maneuverable german made Leopard 2 battle tanks. The reason why highly modern tanks will make such a major difference is that for most of the war, the Ukrainian military has been using old soviet era tanks. The old Soviet tanks are falling apart and lack the ability to gain the upper hand in combat due to Ukriaian and the Russian federation using the same tanks. Now the introduction of these new and highly modernized tanks will allow the Ukriaian military to hold a major combat advantage, the modern tanks are also highly mobile and have modern integrated command communications systems that would allow them to be in close coordination with air support, infinity, and artillery.

The Modern Tank Ukriaina is soon might be the key weapon in the war that might bring a Ukriaian victory. While these new modern tanks sound like they could bring an end to the war it is clear to point out that there are going to be many problems with maintaining and actually operating the modern tanks. The M1-Abrams and the leopard 2 are both extremely complex and will require the Ukrainian military to learn on the fly, as well as learn how to maintain these extremely complex vehicles.

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