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How Beauty Affects the Mind

Many problems can develop from low self-esteem, long term problems that can affect you for the rest of your life, such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, feeling lonely or unloved, and developing unhealthy coping methods. Can you look at yourself in the mirror right now and be 100% happy with the person staring right back at you? Well, guess what, no one can. The days are long, the nights are longer. We are left alone... minds racing, even when we sleep our minds are spinning and spinning, it never turns off. There is never a break Those thoughts aren't always happy, but they are relevant to what is going on inside. Life can be sunny, rainy, snowy, wet and cold, slightly cloudy, or a full-blown thunderstorm.

Eating disorders are no joke, there are different kinds of eating disorders that can be caused by low self-esteem, this is no joke. Your body needs nutrition and you need to be able to take care of your body without having a fear of gaining too much weight, losing too much weight, being disliked, and being seen as ugly. Your own body image is huge.

Depression is something many people live with every day and it is another side effect of having low self-esteem. Life gets hard, but when it gets hard you just need to remember it will get better, and you are not alone. You are never alone. There are many options of people to talk to and people that can help.

There are many things that can happen to your body and to your mind if you have low self-esteem. People joke about it all the time but it isn't a joke and it shouldn't be treated as if it was one. The way you feel on the inside affects how you act on the outside. We all deserve to be happy and let ourselves be happy without having to lean on others for support, it is good to have others in your life helping but you need to know that you don,t need that help to feel good.

Low self-esteem can cause your thoughts to scramble and nothing makes sense. You can act happy but on the inside, you are truly not okay. Which is okay, but you need to help yourself to feel better. You're going to have hard days we all do, but you're also going to have great days. We are all incredibly beautiful. Inside, and outside. It doesn't matter. We are wonderful beings. Our bodies can do so many amazing, and wonderful things, cherish every aspect of you.

Grace VerCauteren is a sophomore at Poudre High School, this is her first year in the Poudre press. She wants to talk about the problems with beauty in the world and try to educate people on what is going on in everyone's mind.

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