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Demolishing Beauty Standards

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Beauty is something that every person will deal with at some point in their life. We all have an image of ourselves in our minds and that image doesn't go away when the standards of how we should look are so high. Some people can love themselves and stop caring about what others say, but it isn't always that easy. We need to make these things easier. We hate how others can make us feel so small. So why do we do it to others, and why do we do it to ourselves? Why tear each other down when we can build each other up instead? We always do or say hurtful things to others but we hate when that happens to us. Humans are beings that need to be loved and need to have attention, which can be good but it can also be very bad. It is so easy to feel down and when we feel this way we need others to help us feel better about ourselves. We have a hard time getting this feeling from ourselves we depend on others too much to feel that self-satisfaction. You don't need others to tell you that you are beautiful. That feeling comes from within. You should look in the mirror every morning and feel amazing about the person looking back at you. You are beautiful and you deserve to feel beautiful.

Beauty doesn't mean the same thing to everyone, beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. We don't all look the same and we aren't supposed to but we are all beautiful. Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing anyone can have. Beauty is something that will be present in our lives every day, but why can't we change that? Why do we let beauty standards determine what is "Beautiful." Why are we told about what a "swimsuit" body is? "A swimsuit body is a body with a swimsuit on it."

We are taught about what "Beautiful," is from a young age, which affects how we look at ourselves for the rest of our lives. Why can't we love ourselves and love others without criticism? Making people feel bad about themselves can cause many problems that can be very dangerous in a person's life. "Your body is not wrong, society is." Beauty is something you decide for yourself.

No one else's has the right to make you feel any other way about yourself. Why make beautiful people look into the mirror and see themselves as less than that, we need to stand together and make beauty standers disappear. It is important to take time for yourself and make sure you feel good about yourself but do it for yourself, not for others. We have "unrealistic" beauty standards, and if we don't meet those standards then we aren't "pretty" enough.

People are born to need love, we aren't meant to go through life alone without support and I think that is a big reason why we crave all this attention from others, and why we need others to make us feel valued. Feeling insecure can come in many different forms, you can feel insecure for many different reasons but we need to have a society that can make people feel better about themselves, if you are feeling insecure just know that you are not alone, many people feel the same way. We need to learn how to "talk so people will listen and listen so people will talk."

We can't expect change to happen if we don't do anything to make change possible. There can't be beauty on the outside if the inside is broken. As they say "beauty is pain." Which shouldn't be true. People are not meant to look a certain way. Some people wish to be called normal and be seen as normal, but some see that as the biggest insult, we aren't meant to be normal. We were born to be unique. From body, hair, eyes, face shape, nose, lips, chin, from head to toe we are different.

Even with all of these differences, the one thing we have in common is that we are all beautiful period.

Grace VerCauteren is a sophomore at Poudre high school, she wants to inform others about beauty and wants to help everyone feel beautiful. There is not only one kind of beauty, we all have different types of beauty. Grace also runs the blog, The Standards of Our Beauty, be sure to check it out here!

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