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'Band Blast Off' takes off with Students' Lyric Performance

Blast n’ Scrap is a Fort Collins non-profit organization that brings the community together through music and art. Primarily run by Mic Gorror, Blast n’ Scrap has branched into several different programs, one of the most recent being Band Blast Off.

Band Blast Off gives kids ages 7-17 free access to a variety of instruments and recording equipment, with the goal of students learning how to write and record their own music. The program lasted from April to early August, with kids and instructors meeting every other week. By the end of August, students had recorded more than a dozen songs.

The first few meetings were intentionally loose- the idea was for the students to try everything and figure out what they wanted to get from the program. Students went from station to station, learning how to use instruments as well as how to use Ableton and other recording programs. Later on, more instructors were brought in to help bring structure, and to help direct the students.

By the end of Band Blast Off, each student had several songs they had worked on and collaborated on with other students.

On Wednesday, August 31, students and instructors performed the music they had created at the Lyric Cinema.

After a short introduction of the program by Mic Gorror, John Bayard, aka D.J. Bass Line Abuser started the show with a solo electronic track. It got the crowd moving and set the tone for what was a great performance.

“Many of these kids had previous music experience before this program,” said Mike McTernan, a Blast Off instructor, “and it was amazing to see them build on their knowledge and get to see what they made.”

Besides the solo track performed by DJ Bass Line Abuser, the group performed three other tracks. Though the youngest students were unable to be at the performance, Cassie Cowan, another instructor, played their recordings for the crowd.

“I loved seeing how they worked together to make music,” said Cowan. “Even though they’re only seven, they created this amazing music. It’s incredible to me how kids can learn and understand musical concepts and be creative with it.”

The performance ended with a group project, with all the instructors and students on stage.

The crowd at the Lyric was thoroughly impressed by the work that the kids had done. The feeling of accomplishment was visible in instructors and students alike.

Blast n’ Scrap is planning to continue this program in the future, and will have even more instruments and equipment for students to learn with. Granting younger people opportunities such as this is what ensures that the music scene and community in Fort Collins will continue to grow and flourish. If you’re interested in participating in programs such as this, you can find information at

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